Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mode | My Paris trip

So a couple of weeks ago - when the weather was still very cold - I went to Paris to do some shopping.
I went all alone; sometimes I love to do things exactly the way I want it, without thinking about others.  (I is a bit egoistic... but who cares?!)

I just LOOOVE Paris, it is such a beautiful city that instantly gives you a smile on your face!
Here are my little treasures I bought during the trip.

Jacket   -    Zara
Pant    -    Zara
Boots   -   Minelli
Bracelets   -   Swarovski & TOV Essentials

Here I'm wearing some new pieces in combination with my Nike Air Vintage sneakers.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ep•och (ˈɛp ək; esp. Brit. ˈi pɒk)

Discover this new talented girl who is trying to leave her mark in the wonderful world of fashion: Toos Ti. She really has an amazing talent for patternmaking and fashion design, b e l i e v e  me!
I've studied fashion myself and I can tell you that making something beautiful out of a pattern is really not that simple... Although a lot of people think it is!

Recently she started as a self-employee and to give her first collection a little boost, she entered the JBC FashionAngel Design Awards. Because in times like these, she has nothing to lose, you know!
You can already hear me coming, isn't it?! Indeed, I would like to ask you this favor.
Please vote for her entry here and let us help to realize her dream.
I wouldn't post this on my blog, if I wouldn't believe in her myself. I'm pretty sure that she can kick it very far in the fashion industry!

Get inspired by the images, the video and the story behind her collection here:

The story behind the collection:

1991 thrill seeker
1993 painter
1996 academy for fine arts
1999 sculptor
2005 exploring
2008 passenger
2009 royal academy of fine arts fashion
2011 mother
2012 tailor
2013 embracing


Monday, April 1, 2013

Event | The Impossible Blogosphere

First two pictures courtesy of Smets

Last Tuesday there was a bloggers' event at Smets, called The Impossible Blogosphère hosted by Afterdrk and Mademoiselle Robot. I haven't doubt a minute about going to the event, cuz' it was the ultimate chance to visit my old work and colleagues. Though there were only 3 colleagues left (all the other have resigned like me), it was nice to visit the store again after more than a year! 

The store itself haven't changed a lot, but the brands did! 
Next to my all time favorites like Equipment, Isabel Marant, Rupert Sanderson and Current/Elliott there were some new brands I really liked: Filles à Papa, Philip Plein and Iro. 

It was a lovely evening thanks to Unlimited PR and Smets.