Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beauty | Macaron Manicure

Since a few months I discovered this little beauty salon called Lamano
I've been searching for a priceable gelish manicure for ages now and all of a sudden, out of nothing, I found them just around the corner!! They do it for the fair price of €35 and it stays perfect for more then 3 weeks, not kidding! 
For me it's exactly what I needed: my nails look stunning for more then 3 weeks and I don't have to take look after it; I can do anything without damaging my nails. Before my nails always broke and I always had to cut them very short. When I polished my nails, they looked good for one day and after that day the nail polish was already damaged. It was always so disapointing!
But now I'm a happy girl with lovely nails. 



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