Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome, Nalou!

Today we welcomed a new little member in the family of my boyfriend: Nalou! She is a beautiful cocker spaniel from two months old and she is amazingly cute. She has these pathetic sad eyes where everyone melts for. She sleeps all day long together with her teddy bear. But when she's awake, you have to watch out! She steals everything she can find. I love her already! Another lucky one who will be spoiled with love...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Outfit details #3

all clothes and necklaces from Maison Scotch, sandals unknown and watch from Fossil

Since I'm working for Scotch & Soda now, my personal style really evolved to the Maison Scotch way of wearing clothes. And I have to admit that I really became addicted to these clothes. Once you're allowed to wear baggy pants, loose shirts and espadrilles; there's no turning back. "Once you go Scotch, you never come back"

I'm sure that within a year, my wardrobe only consists of Maison ScotchUnless I suddenly have enough money to dress myself completely in Chanel, Prada and Miu Miu of course... 
I can really recommend this brand, as it has some nice details worked out in every single piece: from lovely quotes on the label to beautiful necklaces as a gift. They really bring you more than just a piece of clothing, they bring you a precious piece you really cherish and love to wear. 

"To Be Worn With Love"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Protect my Property

Recently I assisted on a photo shoot for which we used an old abandoned amusement park as location. The park (called Dadipark) closed its doors 20 years ago after a series of accidents and since then the park has been abandoned and largely destroyed by vandalism. It was a great location for taking pictures, but it was a little bit creepy at the same time. We read some weird rumors about ghosts who would "live" there and strange, unexplainable things that happen there. But if you put four crazy girls together in an amusement park you get a funny afternoon with beautiful pictures as a result! And that's just what we needed...

My sister always has those signature and unexplainable styling ideas which I not always understand, but that always come out perfectly on photos. I think that she really became some sort of artist inside when she went to the Fashion Academy. She has a different look on things that most people don't even see. She looks further and deeper into things where other people only see the obvious things. Yes, I really think she has some sort of talent! 

These pictures are a nice memory of a fun and lovely day I spent with Lieselot, Anouk and Dolores. It's always fun working with people who share the same interests and attitude. Thanks girls for the lovely day!


Photographer: Lieselot Vandenberghe (see website here)
Model: Anouk Lannoo (from Anouk Meets Fashion)
Styling: Dolores Bay & me

Monday, June 4, 2012

Judgment Day

Some pictures I took from my maked up eyes done by my sweetest friend Consuela. It was the exam of the girl who did my hair two weeks ago and Consuela did the make up of all the models. It was the first time she did it on me, but it was a nice surprise. She really is a good make up artist.
At the end of the day, the girl passed her exam and she became a topstylist. So everybody is happy!

Have a nice week, my dear readers.