Monday, November 12, 2012

Lana Del Rey for Vogue Italia

After 2 weeks of being sealed from the outside world, I'm finally back online! Cheers to that. Since we moved into our appartement, we've been busy decorating and trying to make it more and more ours. Now I can say that it's (almost) finished! I love our new place, it's just perfect.

But I also promised to keep my blog more updated, so here I am to come to my promise.
A first post after the little pause to get back in the mood.
 When I saw this editorial, I was surprised. Because honestly, I didn't recognized Lana Del Rey in it. I never really loved Lana, as she is too "plastic" for me. But in this editorial she is for the first time a little bit natural. It makes her much more beautiful then with her usual fake nails, barbie hair and Botox face! 

all pictures courtesy of Vogue Italia

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