Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coco Noir by Chanel

This summer, Chanel revealed a new fragrance: Coco Noir. I had a huge crush for Chanel ever since I discovered the history of Coco Chanel, her way of thinking, her couture and her make-up. One of my first fragrances I ever used, was Coco Mademoiselle. Later I discovered N° 5 and now my curiosity led me to the newest perfume of the house. 

Once I had smelled Coco Noir, I immediately knew that this was 'my smell'. It had a somehow sweet, but strong smell and at the same time it had something gentle in it. Three key words which describes me perfectly! 
I know that their are many negative reviews about this fragrance, but I've always been someone who choses fragrances that nobody else can enchant. 
So for me tis perfume is absolutely perfect. And for you?

Let me give you one advice: go to the perfumery, put a little bit of Coco Noir on your wrist, delete all information about this smell out of your head and be surprised by it. You'll discover that during the day, you'll often come in contact with scents.  If the smell disturbed you throughout the day, than this isn't the right perfume for you. 

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