Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend away

It's been a while since I had some spare time for myself to do the things I really love. But thanks to the national holiday, which fell on a Saturday in Belgium, I could spend some time with my family and relax a little. We took the car and drove to the Opal Coast in France, hoping that the weather would be better than here... When we arrived in Wissant, the little village between Cap-Gris-Nez and Cap-Blanc-Nez, it was a bit cloudy but soon the sun came through and it became the perfect summer holiday! Our dog Bazil joined us on our trip and it was heartwarming to see him enjoying the beach, the water and the sun. He loved it and so did we.

We layed on the beach, played with the dog, walked in the dunes, ate lots of ice cream and did a lot of terraces. How much better can it be?! I'm totally reborn.
Look at the pictures and enjoy yourself:

 Enjoy the lovely weather now she is still in town!


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