Monday, May 21, 2012

The Hair Blunder

So yesterday I got my hair colored and cut by a girl who will take exam to become stylist at Toni & Guy and I had to be model for her. The meaning was to create a natural look with shades of red. As it was my first time to get my hair colored, you can understand that I was quite nervous... After six hours of cutting, painting, washing and was  time to take a look at the result! 

Because I am a natural blonde based brunette they used an orange shade instead of red, otherwise it would be to heavy and unnatural. But to be honest... even the orange is a little bit too much for me! They also colored my bangs in orange and really, it looks very cheap. I think I will quickly color my hair back to normal...

You can not really see the color on the photo, luckily. I'm to ashamed to share you the real color of my hair. But I can tell you that it's not what I expected of it...

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