Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lintie mary-jane pump by Rupert Sanderson

The perfect shoe just entered my life, I'm flabbergasted...

I just discovered the pair of shoes that were made for me: the Rupert Sanderson Lintie high heel peep toe pumps in red suede with a 10 cm heel. The design, the color and the qualified finishing are really my cup of tea. 

But first things first, who's Rupert Sanderson?! I guess most of you will not know the name, but that's okay. I discovered the brand myself when I started working at Smets Premium Store Brussels. Rupert is a designer who started to make shoes just out of ambition and curiosity. He learned the craftsmanship while visiting as much shoe factories, tanneries and last makers as he could. After his studies at the Cordwainers College in East London, he started working for Sergio Rossi and then Bruno Magli. 

His design philosophy is simply 'less is more'. Avoiding augmentation and over dressing the foot he concentrates on perfecting line, volume and material to flatter and lengthen the leg, and make women feel sexier.  His inspiration comes from the materials themselves; from the sensual curve and silhouettes of the lasts and heels, to the quality and finish of the best leather and fabrics.

Another nice fact about Rupert: to complement his obsessive passion with the Italian craft of shoe making, every pair of Rupert Sanderson shoes is named after a Daffodil. 

The beautiful Astrid Bergès-Frisbey wears the Lintie
pumps at the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris. 


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