Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unconditional love

My babies Sookie and Bazil.
Friends for life...

These two sweeties are the cutest animals I have ever seen in my life! They can steal my heart just by the way they're sleeping or their sleepy eyes when they wake up. Sometimes I catch myself watching my two babies asleep and I feel an unconditional love arising. I think that's my mother's instinct coming up... ;) As long as I don't have children, I give them all the attention they can dream of. God, what am I going to miss them if I ever move out... I can't imagine that Bazil won't be waiting for me anymore when I come home and jump up to the ceiling from enthusiasm. Or that Sookie doesn't come to me when I walk down the street to home and gives me cups against my leg. It will be a hard time leaving them because they are my home... *Damn it, I'm almost crying for this! I'm a sissy, I have to admit.* Some people will think this is silly or will not understand that an animal can mean so much to me, but that's probably because they don't let those feelings in. Because they haven't experienced anything like this yet. I can only regret them that they don't have such a loyal friend in their lives. It's sad for them, I think...

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