Monday, December 26, 2011

Tribute to my family

Last Saturday, my sweet brother and sister passed by at SMETS Premium Store to discover my new workplace. They found it amazing and they really liked the visit, but most of all they liked my colleagues! I'll have to keep an eye on my sister or soon I'll have a new brother-in-law a.k.a. colleague. Typical! ;) But it's true that I have some wonderful colleagues, ensuring me that every day is a lovely day to go to work. 

I took these lovely pictures from my brother and sister while fitting a pair of Diesel jeans.  They are so fashionable on the pictures! My 'little' brother is getting so large, I can not longer pretend being his third mother (after my mom and big sister off course). I can still remember him being a little defenseless baby where we played with - finally, we got a doll that could really cry! :) I can even remember wondering how my baby brother would look like when he would be older: blonde curls, beautiful eyes, the hot guy on school... It's great to see him becoming a real man; looking at the girls, spending hours in front of the mirror to make sure his hair is perfect and developing his personal style. I'm proud of them, my brother and sister. And these pictures are the best proof of it: they are beautiful!

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