Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pictures for the Antwerp Fashion Academy

photography by Jan Opdekamp
styling by Dolores Bay

These pictures were taken two years ago for a school project from my sister. She studied at the Fashion Academy of Antwerp and had to make mood boards about the theme and atmosphere of her collections. It was actually by accident that I had to be the model for these pictures, but it was such a pleasure doing it! I had never posed as a model before, but thanks to my sweet sister and the friendly photographer it was a great experience. The pictures were taken in a cold, dark car-wash somewhere in Antwerp and the owner was so pleased that we wanted to take pictures in his car-wash that he did everything for us. He even gave me those old checked grandpa slippers, so funny! 

It really flatters me that my sister wanted me as her model and that she still uses these pictures for other projects and stuff. I think - or hope - that she is proud of me for who I am and what I do, even though we are two totally different persons. Because for me, she is the best big sister in the world!

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