Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look of the day: comfortable but still feminine

Look of the day: comfy days


After ten days of hard work, I finally have a day off today! So first things first: working on my blog. Since I started working at Smets, I really have to organize my spare time to work on my blog. But give me a couple of weeks and I'll manage it to combine both! And off course this is a hobby, so it's always a pleasure to do some research and writing about it on my blog. 

So for today I created a new look and I decided to keep it a little bit comfy and easy, but at the same time elegant and feminine. You know, that's one of my specialties! So I chose a silk dress from Lanvin, to keep it someway glamourous, combined with an elastic pants from McQ which is very comfortable. This is the perfect outfit to work in from home!

The Mulberry Alexa satchel in blue marine crocodile leather is such a must-have for the upcoming summer and I have some great news about it: we will be selling it in Smets Premium Store in Brussels!! Normally the bag should arrive in January, so we have to be patient a little longer. Ooh, I can't wait to hold this bag in real life! The black bracelet with the skull is from another lovely brand we sell at Smets Premium Store: Rita&Zia Genève. This brand is all about precious materials that pay tribute to different cultures.

As you see, I can keep talking about all the new things I discovered during the first weeks at Smets Premium Store! As a matter of fact, I am very grateful that I can be part of this project because this job really enriches my knowledge. And as with any business there are always things I'd rather see otherwiseBut I am convinced that we can only learn about our mistakes and improve!

I hope everyone can celebrate a wonderful Christmas with friends and family this weekend. Have a great time everyone!

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