Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Block Beauty by Jalouse

by Marion Renard for Jalouse
Photography by Bjarne Jonasson
Styling by Marie Gibert
Production by Jennifer Eymère
all pictures courtesy of Jalouse.

Another lovely production from the December issue of Jalouse. The makeup artist really achieved to reincarnate those old movie stars into some new contemporary icons. I really love the fact that every old style comes back to life after a certain period. Because style is not just about the clothing choices we make, it's about much more than that. It shows the way we live, what we think that's important in life and what we look up to or be inspired withThat's why I appreciate it when someone has a very signature style: it tells us something about that person. It is about much more than just clothes.

The same with these pictures. Thanks to a good styling and perfect make-up choices, we recognize the signature elements of every movie star in these pictures. A scarf in the hair, red lips, false lashes and the way the hair is styled. It's all typical for that one specific person. 

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