Thursday, November 17, 2011

Now I look at all these photographs...

I found some old pictures from me and my family this morning. I love the memories and stories they bring with them... It's such a gift to have these great people around me! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did when I found them.

Me as a baby; asleep in my very typical way...
Me, 4 months old. The proof that I was born with the hair!
I've always been a shy girl...
When we were still a happy family... The time is changing so fast!
My grandmother with her ​​sister when they were young.
My grandmother (far right) with her older sisters. I love the dresses!
My grandparents on their wedding.
My parents on their wedding.
My great-grandmother Hélène. I recognize so much of her in my grandmother... 
My cousin Evelyne on the wedding of my parents.
My uncle and godfather shortly after his accident making him for the rest of his life ended up in a wheelchair... He began playing the guitar in that period, trying to live with his destiny. He is such a strong person, I really look up to him

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