Friday, November 11, 2011

Ma Muse de Mode: Sushi

This time I chose a lesser known person, namely SushiWell, I have to say less known as "not a familiar face from the television world", but very well known among bloggers. Meet Sushi: a freelance designer from Melbourne and generally fashion obsessed girl with a slight shoe addiction and two pet Panda. In addition to her freelance job, she also manages her personal blog called le blog de sushi. I would describe her style as preppy combined with chic and feminine. I love her color choices and I adore the way she combines her outfits, it's always so Sushi! For me she is the ultimate 'pastel' girl because she looks so lovely with pastel colors on, it's like she owns these colors. 

Let's take a look at her style:

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You can find Sushi at and lots of other social websites:

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