Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ma Muse de Mode: Alexa Chung

So here we are again for another weekly post about my fashion muses! 

This week I chose Alexa Chung, because she always looks so fabulous in everything. It seems like whatever she puts on, it always fits her fantastically. Maybe that's the reason why she's often called an icon in the fashion industries. She works as a television presenter, model and also as a contributing editor for the British Vogue. She's also often asked to do the stylings for famous brands and campaigns. 

Chung is a muse to many fashion designers because of her distinctive personal style. She frequently appears on best dressed lists, is a regular cover girl for several magazines and is often seen in the front row at fashion shows.

In 2009, the designer company Mulberry created a bag named after and inspired by Chung; called the "Alexa".

In February 2010, Chung collaborated with Madewell on a womenswear line which was unveiled during New York Fashion Week. She is collaborating with Madewell once again for a second collection as I already mentioned in a previous post (read here).

Anna Wintour has described Chung as "a phenomenon" while the New York Times has declared her "the Kate Moss of the new generation". Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has described her as "beautiful and clever..a modern girl".

Here are some pictures of this lovely girl:

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Here is a blog about Alexa Chung with daily pictures of her.
You can also follow Alexa on twitter @alexa_chung (click here).

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