Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I go shopping and take home...

So yesterday I went to Brussels to take a look at my future workplace and it was a huge surprise to see what a large and modern building I will spend my days in the coming years.  I wanted to take a closer look inside and take some pictures to share with you, but unfortunately there were still major works in progress and there were scaffoldings and trucks in front. So you'll have to be patient a little longer, but I promise that I will certainly keep you informed soon!

As my visit to the Leuvensesteenweg was faster over than planned, I headed to the centre to do some shopping and to take a look at the new collection hanging in the shops. As always when you're not really looking for something, I lost my heart to these lovely pieces: I found a lovely mustard yellow flower printed skirt at Massimo Dutti. I also visited Zara and there I found a cute pink/blue/yellow flower printed dress, a black and camel polka dot pleated skirt and a metallic knitted sweaterdress. I can't wait to show you these pieces in an outfit post soon!! So keep in touch, 'cause I have some lovely ideas with them... ;)

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