Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

N Happy Halloween N

 I've made a vintage pin up inspired Halloween post, because I don't really like those creepy, dark and scary pictures that are usually used for Halloween. These pictures are more fun tinted with a soft, feminine touch. It's lovely how they mix the creepy part with the sexy part in these pictures. If I would do a Halloween shoot, I would do it like they did: taking it into perspective to make the sad story behind Halloween a little bit more positive. I don't like the way they give Halloween a sad and creepy feeling just because we remember our deceased loved ones... If I ever have to visit a person I really loved, I would do it on my way: both with a smile and a tear, carrying the memories in my heart and thankful that I have known that personBut now I am especially grateful that all my loved ones are still here with me!

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