Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home Interior Inspirations

The room every women should have: a dressing!

Lately, I've often been thinking about living together with my boyfriend and creating our 'own place'. I really feel that it must happen someday now; that I need it to have my own home. We are almost 5 years together and we both work now, so it really feels like it's the right moment. And honestly, living together with a mother who still tells you what to do and a teenage brother who is in his rebellious period, isn't always ideal. But I love them and maybe that's why I feel to leave the house now before it goes wrong. So I spent the last days searching for nice looking flats, furniture and so on. I can't wait to go organize and decorate 'our place', even though we have not even found that place... But here are some pictures of interiors I really like and that inspire me a lot for decorating my own place. I hope you like them!

Love the combination mirror/chimney. And also love the chair.

Some decorations (lovely globe) and books. And Chanel definitely gets a place in my house too!

Very funny, but I have all those books too!

Some clothes just deserve a special place in the room.

Old fashioned Roberts radio (but not that old if you ask me: you can even connect your Ipod with it!).

Large doors and windows.

Still searching for some old suitcases in good condition like these ones...

A woman can never have too much perfume!

The Joséphine Coiffeuse; the must have dressing table.

© all pictures by The Coveteur, last picture by The Cherry Blossom Girl

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