Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ma Muse de Mode!

About a year ago I posted my first post on this blog and my adventure in the online blogworld started. In the beginning I kept it a little bit secret because I wanted to improve my photos and my writing. I was already reading other blogs for about a year before I started my own and they inspired me a lot (and still do!) but I wanted to discover more of this world by doing it on my own.
Since I started writing my blog, it really changed me in some way. As I'm a very shy person and I found it hard leaving my mark in this world, this is my way of showing people who I am and what I do. It feels very good that since I made my blog public - almost a month ago - already more than 3.000 people visited my blog! This confirms my feeling that I'm doing it well.

I hope I can celebrate many more years with my blog and I can keep improving it. And off course I hope to get much more followers by then! ;)

Thank you guys for reading my blog and please keep visiting and leaving comments!
Make sure to check out this blog again in the course of the day, because there will be following some more birthday posts!!!!! ;)


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