Friday, August 12, 2011


I wanted to talk about my dog - named Bazil - for a long time now because he's my soulmate in the figure of an animal. I would really die for him!
We got him four years ago in the summer after we lost our first beloved dog to a tumor. After a year of tears and grief, we finally made the step to find us a new friend. We chose Bazil out of seven Labrador puppies and we picked him because he immediately felt asleep on the arm of my sister. So we thought we picked a calm and lovely dog, but that was not true! He's like the craziest en most energetic dog I know and he wants to play all the time! And if that was not enough, he has an inexhaustible perseverance. He never stops putting his ball on your legs or at your feet until you pick it up. But besides the fact that he never gets tired, he would die to be near you at all times. This dog has so much love and hugs inside him: he is my biggest teddy bear. Sometimes I even think he imagines himself a chihuahua so he can lie on my lap! I can't imagine missing him or losing him, because he's really the best thing that ever happened to me... Whenever I come home, he's always at the door waiting for me and he jumps higher than my head from joy. He always makes me smile and he fils my heart with happiness whenever he's near me or in my thoughts.

Bazil, you are my biggest friend!

In his "throne"...

When he was a little puppy.

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